Engine Cooling System Repair

If you drive your car very often, the chances are that your engine is becoming increasingly hot. Most engines are air-cooled, and the vast majority of a car’s internal combustion engines are cooled by water, in which antifreeze has been added. The engine cooling system in your vehicle circulates antifreeze through the engine and radiator. This means that the antifreeze you have applied, is being formulated to prevent corrosion inside the cooling system. Using antifreeze also helps to maintain optimal engine operating temperature regardless of outside conditions. This is an extremely important thing to consider while driving. At Ruiz Auto Service & Towing, our reliable mechanics will be able to add new antifreeze and remove the old antifreeze, from your radiator.

You drive your car through all weather conditions, which means that your radiator, is growing pretty hot. It’s always wise to bring your vehicle into the right auto body shop. At Ruiz Auto Service & Towing, we work with an all-star team of mechanics that truly understands cars. We also specialize in providing your car, with a full check-up as well. Whether you need to replace your old antifreeze or need more freon for your cooling system, we’ll be able to fully assist you here. We work on all types of cars and trucks at Ruiz Auto Service & Towing and the team of professional tow truck operators experts and can help make sure that your engine, is functioning correctly, and cooled properly before you take your baby for a spin. Let our team of expert mechanics give your car the right treatment it deserves.

Our Irving Auto Services include:

• Brake Services
• Heating & Cooling Services
• Oil Change
• Car Engine Repair
• Automotive Repair
• Flat Tire Change
• Windshield Repair Services
• Filter Replacement Services
• Full Vehicle Inspection

You drive your car eevery day which leads the engine, to heat up. Since we live in Texas, you know how hot it can get during the summertime! At Ruiz Auto Service & Towing, we’ll check under your hood, and make sure that everything is 100% safe, so you can drive safely on the road. We are a fully licensed and insured auto service company, based in the Irving area. Our customer satisfaction rates are in the elite category. We take full pride in our hard work, commitment and dedication, which has kept us, the best auto service company in the area for years. Bring your car in today for a full inspection