Ruiz Auto Service & Towing Testimonials

“Since relocating to Irving from Corpus Christi 6 months ago, I have been generally very impressed with the quality of consumer services available. But the level of extra attention and care given by Ruiz Auto Service & Towing blows everyone else out of the water. They think of everything and do it with such ease and professionalism, it is impossible to not be impressed whenever calling upon their services.” Nick Baldwin

“It’s pretty much the worst nightmare of a woman driving alone at night on the freeway to break down. That’s why I always make sure I have Ruiz Auto Service & Towing’s number on hand; from experience, I have learned both the easy and the hard way that there is simply no better, more dependable or faster emergency towing service available in Irving. You’d be a fool to bother calling anyone else, frankly – just use the best and forget about the rest, as they say!” Julia Linden

“The first time you drop your car off to a new auto service, there is always the stand-off between customer and mechanic – do they think I know nothing about cars? Are they trying to rip me off? I am pleased to say that all of that hostility and worry was totally absent from my first visit to Ruiz Auto Service & Towing. I felt that the mechanics were straight-up and very approachable and there was no attempt to condescend or play me. On the contrary; I found them to be informative, polite, helpful and very knowledgeable. I was very happy with the work they did and I will definitely use them again.” Chris Parfitt

“Ruiz Auto Service & Towing are such a quality and professional outfit that I have recommended the whole family use them! That’s how much I trust them – and I’m an insurance adjuster, so that’s saying a lot!” Richard Collis