Irving Auto Repair

It’s funny how we don’t realize how much we really depend on our vehicles in Irving until something goes wrong and we are potentially put into a situation where we are unable to continue with our daily responsibilities. We need our cars to run when we need them to run! What’s more, we need them to run again quickly, reliably and at a good price when something does in fact go wrong.

That’s precisely the reason why Ruiz Auto Service & Towing and a network of independent tow truck operators is committed to serving the vehicles of Irving to the highest degree of accuracy and attention to detail, within a speedy timeframe and extremely competitive price whenever you need it! Our state of the art Auto Repair Shop is here for all of your car maintenance needs, all the way from a simple oil change once in a while to extensive and complex restorative work to your classic Mustang.

Each and every customer is unique – your needs are different and your price range varies.  That’s why we offer a free, no strings attached price quotation over the phone before a single wrench is lifted towards your car. This way, you know what you are paying for and you are happy with it, with no hidden costs. No exceptions!

Our Auto Repair Shop is the only place you need for professional, fast, friendly, reliable and reasonably prices automotive repair and car maintenance services.  From refueling, to wheel alignments, from smog checks to safety upgrades and every single thing in between these, please telephone us for more information, or bring your car to us for the repair experience in Irving!

We offer a wide range of automotive repair and car maintenance services, including but not limited to: