Car Tune Up

At Ruiz Auto Service, we have an extremely talented team of technicians that will give your engine a full tune up. Did you know that a simple tune up could wind up saving you a fortune down the road, literally! It’s essential to have a tune up on a regular basis to prevent any future engine problems. Our expert tune-up specialists will check each corner of your engine, and make sure that all components are moving correctly. If anything is out of tune or place, we’ll be able to fix it from an early stage. Ruiz Auto Service and Towing and their network of licensed affiliates are proud to serve the Irving community and has been doing so for many years. The local Irving residents keep buzzing about our great services and extremely affordable prices. Your engine is the heart of your car. We consider our technicians to be neurosurgeons when it comes to properly diagnosing and treating all engine-related symptoms. You can always depend on Ruiz Auto Service!

Leading expert in engine repair

Your engine is what gives your vehicle the power to continue moving forward. If the timing belt is off or a spark plug is damaged, you might face serious problems while driving. We’ll never let things get that far. Our technicians have been fixing cars since they were kids. We don’t just provide you with top class services, we genuinely love working on cars. It takes a lot of training and experience to get the job done right. Our Irving garage is constantly busy, since we work with the entire community and beyond. You will also like our affordable prices, and we give you accurate estimations ahead of time. You never have to scratch your head when you see the final statement. Our friendly customer care team will give you the warm and courteous Texas welcome. All work is done on the spot, and we even have an area for your kids to play. We are without a doubt the leading expert in engine repair services and all preventative maintenance services. We can also provide you with a quick and routine oil change, which can add years of longevity to your car. We really are the best at what we do!

When it comes to expert services with a name you can depend on, we clearly stand above the rest. Ruiz Auto Service and Towing go back many years, and with those years, comes a long list of satisfied customer testimonials. Please feel free to browse through our testimonials section, and see the results of our hard work. Let us take good care of your car and engine. Stop by our Irving garage today!